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Meet Groundfridge, the naturally cool cellar

Groundfridge is a brand new, super-old idea that keeps fresh produce deliciously fresh without any electricity. This makes Groundfridge the natural choice for everyone who wants to live and eat sustainably while enjoying the very best. See it as your pop-up root cellar, wherever you’d like.

For people & pros who enjoy good food – and the good life

A Groundfridge is great for home cooks, restauranteurs, gardeners, festivals, wine collectors, sommeliers, pie bakers, cheese lovers, caterers and penguins.

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Plug into nature

Before the days of electricity, people used root cellars. We dug up this idea to take it to the future. A Groundfridge stores a whopping 3000 liters, which is equal to 146 homemade apple pies, an impressive wine collection or two grown adults, standing up comfortably. It’s perfect for fresh products like vegetables, cheese or wine. Here is how it works:

Have space

To place a Groundfridge, you need about 25 square meters. In your backyard, behind your restaurant, at your festival, beach bar or any place that can use some coolness. Groundfridge doesn’t require any permits. So where will you place your Groundfridge?

Dig in

The lightweight Groundfridge is easy to transport and install. You don’t need to dispose of any soil; just use it to cover your Groundfridge. A layer of about 1 meter will function as natural insulation. Sow grass or flowers and only Groundfridge’s door will betray its position.

Get cool

Groundridge uses the insulating qualities of nature to reach about 8 to 15 degrees Celsius. As temperatures outside will vary, your Groundfridge’s will vary a little too. You don’t need any electricity. The battery-driven ventilator uses cold night air as an extra cooling factor. If you want a super-constant temperature, just add an external cooler.

Unease your life

A fridge in your kitchen? Too easy. It’s more fun to grab a bag or basket, get out of your comfy home and shop your Groundfridge. Again and again. Thanks to the built-in shelf system, you can store lots and lots of
fresh produce. And don’t worry anyone should steal your apple pies – the door is lockable.

Many, many more specs

There’s so much more to tell and nerd out about. Want to know more about Groundfridge’s design, workings and other details? Get over there >